Self-Service Module for web & print ads

AdLift is a self-service module for production of ads for web and print. Easy and user friendly for the customer – effective and time-saving for the publisher.

  • Web-module integrated in your webpage
  • Customer can rotate & crop images
  • Adjust with your own InDesign templates
  • Tight integration with Cargo Ad Portal from Laidback Solutions
  • Connect to payment services
adlift_screencomboUser friendly self-service

AdLift provides a clear and user-friendly interface for the customer. The customer inserts name and contact info, chooses type of ad and template, and adds text and images. After uploading the user can rotate and crop uploaded images.

When the user has completed the ad, it is exported to web / print versions and added to i.e. the Cargo Ad Portal from Laidback Solutions.

Different ads for web and print

Production of ads for both web and print, or a combination, can be configured in AdLift. In a combined solution where the ad will be published both on web and in print, the customer can e.g. add extra images to the web ad, and insert different text for the web and the print ad.

Custom production

AdLift can be configured for the number of images, text-fields and drop down menus needed for any production. The ad templates can be created and adjusted in InDesign for use in the module.

AdLift can be connected to payment services like PayPal.

Integration in existing systems

AdLift is installed on server, and provides a user interface which can be integrated in existing web systems / CMS.

AdLift can run independently, but can also be integrated with FileTrain from Laidback Solutions or other file handling systems. For one solid system dealing with all your advertising needs, we recommend to integrate AdLift with Cargo from Laidback Solutions. Read more about Cargo…



AdLift is a product developed by PressIT AS.
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