Archive customization

customizationIncluding an image archive in corporate and institutional websites sets demands of customization of both functionality and design. PressIT can help in large and smaller projects of incorporating and customizing installations to fit your specific requirements and wishes!

MediaFiler & Customization

logomfppMediafiler is a digital asset management system which is highly customizable, both in terms of functionality and design. This provides the possibility to create tailored archives which suit your user groups and blend in with your corporate profile. Read more about MediaFiler…

Design and Settings –
customizing archives which are open to the public

Making small adjustments to design and including corporate logos and color profiles makes it possible to integrate your public image archives seamlessly in your corporate web pages. Adjusting settings and layout options to suit your company and your visitors’ needs, further enhances usability and consistency. In archives open to the public it is also important to be able to control what information (metadata) is released on the images shown as well as customizing download rights and image sizes open for download. It is also possible to customize the start page, create a menu with search words for navigation and much more.

Example: National Tourist Routes in Norway


For the National Tourist Routes in Norway we customized an archive , where visitors can easily browse and download images. Read more about this project and our other showcases or visit National Tourist Routes in Norway’s archive.


Often the needed functionality is already available, but needs to be customized in order to match specific needs. PressIT has long experience with tailoring image archives, we understand that usability and workflow is key to efficiency.

PressIT has also developed some tools which have proved useful to a number of our customers. For example, we can provide a plugin which extends image archives with video archiving and editing, and a plugin for uploading of multiple images and adding metadata . Check out our plugins: ViArchive plugin & MetadataUploader

Image archives can also act as a useful tool when developing special web displays. For the Norwegian forest and landscape institute, we developed a Flash based display in a project named “Tilbakeblikk”, where an image archive acts in the background. Read more about this project.


Key Concepts

What can we do?
  • Give your archive a design that complements your corporate profile
  • Customize the home page of your image archive
  • Create drop down menu from a selection of your most important search words
  • Customize search hits pages and preview pages
  • Optimize the display of metadata to your needs
  • Provide for custom download sizes
  • And much more…
Benefits of customization
  • Your archive is given a unique look and can blend in with your corporate web pages
  • Blending out options which are not needed, makes the archive easy to use for visitors
  • Menus with search words is a great way of showing off what is in your archive and leading visitors to explore it further
  • You can allow easy download of images, but still have full control of image size and download criteria

Contact us for more information about how your archive can be customized to suit your needs. If you have an idea you would like to incorporate in your special archive, ask us!