ViArchive Plugin

The ViArchive plugin enhances the support for video in image archives with browser access.

Videos of all kinds of format can be uploaded and streamed in the browser archive, without the use of additional browser plugins. Indexing, archiving and searching videos is seamlessly integrated. The plugin supports users by providing the possibility to stream video without downloading the whole clip, navigate on the timeline by indexed keyframes, edit metadata and cut and transcode video clips.

ViArchive Plugin can be used in archives with open access, as well as archives with only accessed users. Different users can be granted different rights.

Highlighted Features

The viewer is easily accessible and offers the user the possibility to choose between different streams, adjust color, brightness & contrast and a zoom function. The quick download function gives allowed users the opportunity to download original clips directly from search hits with only one click!

MetaPluginMetadata & Keyframes

The plugin allows for navigation on the timeline by manually browsing the timeline at different speeds or by keyframes; archived keywords along the timeline. Logged in users can edit metadata and add new key frames / durations to archived clips.

More functionality for cut/edit users

For users who demand more functionality, the plugin can be enhanced with the ViArchive web client. It enhances the ViArchive plugin with additional features, provided within the same user interface.

Users with full access have the possibility to cut and transcode clips, as well as download the cut and transcoded segments. They also get access to workflow options; to copy or move files to selected paths, or delete clips from the system.

CutPpluginTranscoding for any channel

The clips can be transcoded and downloaded in a number of formats, including mpg, mp4, avi, mov and jpg. The user can adjust duration, format, size and quality to suit any need; from publishing on web or mobile appliances to HD suitable for broadcasting.

All cutting and transcoding is executed on ViArchive Server from the high resolution original uploaded clips, so no quality is lost.


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