The Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO) was established 1 July 2015 and is one of Norway’s largest research institutes. NIBIO is owned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and is a merger between the Norwegian Institute for Agricultural and Environmental Research (Bioforsk), the Norwegian Agricultural Economics Research Institute (NILF) and the Norwegian Forestry and Landscape Institute (Skog og landskap).

NIBIO’s Press Archive on MediaFiler

NIBIO delivers research and managerial support  in bioeconomics. The goal of the Institute is to contribute to food security, sustainable resource management, innovation and value creation through research and knowledge production within food, forestry and other biobased industries.

The institute needed a press archive giving media and governmental institutions access to a rich image archive, which also had the possibility of creating albums with image collections to be distributed in connection with press releases and stories produced for the media.
Press archive – thematically organized

The press archive is sorted thematically by keywords, to make it easy for the users to get an overview of the contents of the archive. Free search is also available, so that the users fast and easy can find the images they need.

The images can be downloaded in different sizes for different use, or added to a selection and downloaded as ZIP. See the archive here:


Media stories – album functionality for simple distribution

The images for each press release/media story are selected and collected in an own album. The albums are easily shared via email directly from MediaFiler, or are linked to directly in the press releases.

The receivers of the album can easily download the images they need, or download the full album as a ZIP. See NIBIO’s media stories here:


The album functionality also makes it possible to make own categories of news and add a press release text which will follow the images in the album. Users within the organisation can also cooperate about adding/removing images in the album, before it is made available to the public.

© Photos: NIBIO




National Tourist Routes in Norway wanted a photo library which was fast and easy for visitors to use. With MediaFiler they were blown away!

National Tourist Routes in Norway is a part of the National Public Roads Administration in Norway. Their project is to provide characteristic routes across Norway with spectacular viewpoints which serve as a natural resting point for travelers. The viewpoints include service buildings, car parks, paths and art. So far there are 18 unique viewpoints.

Customized look & layout

With 18 routes around Norway, the National Tourist Routes wanted a showcase for their many images, where visitors could easily browse and download images for use in publications regarding the project.


MediaFilers modular and flexible solution comes with many adjustable templates. Our customer wanted a clean dark look which was well suited to show off the images in their archives. We customized the look with i.e. their logo, large preview images and a home page.

Check it out at:

preTuristVegerFunctionality & Usability

Since the location of where the images where taken is key to this archive, we added a home page featuring an overview of all 18 routes – with preset searches to find all images from each location. On the preview page we also added functionality for seeing more images from the same location as the viewed image.

In order to make the archive easy to use for new visitors, the shown metadata fields were restricted to only the necessary fields, unnecessary functionality was hidden and we set up fixed download sizes.


What do they say about MediaFiler?

Our users find the MediaFiler archive visually appealing and state that it is extremely fast and easy to use…

Jarle Wæhler
Manager of image archive & image services,
National Tourist Routes in Norway

The archive of National Tourist Routes in Norway use Norwegian keywords and captions, as the archive is mostly directed at Norwegian media businesses and internal use.
© Photos: National Public Roads Administration in Norway