MediaFiler_hostingIf you don’t have a server, or want to get quickly started with MediaFiler – Why not let us deal with the technical infrastructure, hardware, software and communication? Choosing a hosted solution provides you with a full system where every aspect is taken care of. Your archive will be up in no time! 

Speed & Security is key

MediaFilers own hosting services provide you with a fast and secure location for your archives. State of the art servers, fast access, firewall protection, Network Intrusion Prevention (IDP) and emergency power supply, are some of the benefits. Daily backups in two locations make sure that your precious assets are safe.

Scalable in size & functionality

The hosted solution is scalable in size, and you can choose between shared and dedicated hosting. The hosted solution offers a variation of modular options. Some examples; shadow archives, external authentication, automatic video conversion/streaming, extra archives, unlimited named users, direct access(IP authorisation)  and automated workflow to OCR files.

Benefits of a hosted solution
  • up and running in no time
  • fully equipped solution
  • always up to date
  • secure and reliable
  • fallback server, minimal downtime
  • fixed cost per month/year
  • scalable rates


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