Metadata plugin for Indesign

SherpaSherpa is a productive plugin for InDesign, for handling metadata on images. It makes it possible to add, delete and edit metadata on images. You can also use Sherpa to stamp information on the use of an image onto the image; i.e. when was the image last used, where and in which size. You can also use Sherpa to create automated workflows using metadata.

Working With Sherpa

The Sherpa palette shows you all images in Your InDesign document and you can view and edit metadata. When working with copies of images, you may even update originals. Sherpa allows you to edit namespaces manually, or by creating sets which can update several tags at once.


Sherpa also includes a “Repro” action. The user adds a description of the repro work needed in the metadata Field – which is instantly available to the user who will do the repro work.

How can Sherpa improve Your Archives?

The ability to easily edit and correct metadata as images are used makes it fast for users to improve the information in Your Archive. The result is improved searchability and less errors, plus full overview of when and how the images in your archive have been used.

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