Easy delivery to the National library with FileTrain

How to change TRAH11HOV13080100010.pdf into
tronderavisa_null_null_20130801_0_174_1-1_001_null.pdf ?

Gone are the days when the newspapers delivered their mandatory archive exemplars to the National library on paper. Now the Norwegian “Nasjonalbiblioteket” (NB) demands PDF files in an exact file naming, and structure.

The answer is FileTrain from Laidback Solutions, provided by PressIT. With FileTrain’s powerful tools we can easily change complex file naming structures to meet NB’s demands.

We have combined this with PressIT’s own command line tool for fast and efficient zipping of folders.

Trønderavisa in Steinkjer is our first customer, running FileTrain with PressIT zipper from mid-November.