DAMsolutionsDAM solutions should be tailored to the organization using them. The products we offer provide you with a modular, fast and efficient DAM system which is easy to use, secure and fully customizable. We build our solutions on the best modules, and provide you with the right tools for the right price!

An overview of our modular solution:




MediaFiler is a fast and user friendly DAM system which provides for sharing and distributing digital assets. It is a scalable system which can be integrated with several 3rd party products. Available in hosted and self hosted models.
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LaidBack Solutions:

Laidback Solutions creates software solutions tailor made for newspapers, magazines, print houses, chains of stores and corporate publishing. Their products include products for routing and distributing files and page production plugins with image enhancement and metadata control.
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ViArchive is PressITs own userfriendly solution for archiving, transcoding and retrieving videos. It features a desktop application for preparing and uploading files, a server console and a plugin for existing image Archives.
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Elpical Claro Premedia:

Elpical Claro Premedia provides printers and publishers with a complete image processing workflow for fast processing of high volumes of images. The image-processing server analyzes and enhances each image individually.
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What is DAM?

Digital Asset Management – Information; storage and control

The growth of digital storage capacity provides new possibilities, but it however also presents a growing problem. New technology provides simple, inexpensive solutions which make it possible for anyone to store near unlimited amounts of information. On the other hand this comes with new challenges; the more information you store, the harder it becomes to find that one specific image, video clip or document which you are looking for.

Media files come in a wide range of forms and formats:
  • Text files, in standard formats like PDF, Microsoft Word or more specialized formats.
  • Presentations, like PowerPoint and PDF, often with built-in elements in other media formats.
  • Images, in a number of various and often specialized formats, with and without attached text, called metadata.
  • Video files, in varying resolution/quality, often in the form of large files and formats demanding special software attributes for viewing.
  • HTML and other files for online publishing.

In any business you will find combinations of files covering different needs and areas of application. Images are used both in print, in presentations and online, and text in different variants will be applied across a range of publishing channels.

PressIT has worked with routing and archiving of media files since its establishment in 1998 and our competence in this area goes back to the very beginning of digital storage of media files.

The principles we apply on software for digital storage of media files:
  • It should provide good usability for daily use
  • The price for the basic solution should be affordable
  • The solution should be based on standard hard- and software
  • Archiving should be based on international standards for metadata

PressIT possesses broad competence in digital storage of media files, and will be a good partner for your business in evaluating strategies and solutions for effective handling of digital information.