Newspapers: Optimized Images in Print production

PressIT can help you optimize images for best possible result in print.

The newspaper Nationen has a modern flow of production where printed images pass many technical production stages. The amount of manual image treatment is kept at a minimum, to assure optimal results in print.

Desk- and presentation-manager Erik Vestgård was not satisfied with the quality of the images in print, and asked PressIT to investigate the technical routines in their image production. The images appeared grey and lacking contrast, and they found it hard to pinpoint the reason – which created insecurity in the whole production.

PressITs investigations showed that minor adjustments in the configuration of several production stages resulted in a distinctive improvement of the quality of the printed images.

“Now we can feel safe that the printed result is close to what we see when editing the images in Photoshop. With the help of PressIT we have instantly achieved a striking improvement in the quality of the images we print. We now also know how to continue our work, in order to improve the quality even more.”

Erik Vestgård
Desk- and presentation-manager at Nationen

The problems faced by Nationen is known from several newspapers, and can be experienced regardless of which technical and editorial soulutions are used. Often the lack of overview of the production as a whole leads to faulty settings in software and workflow, resulting in printed images of poor quality .

PressIT has experience from similar projects in different production environments, with different technical and editorial solutions. With our independent eyes, we can help with selecting solutions as well as assess the production process as a whole, with optimized quality as our goal.